The Hibernators – the Book

(c) Confais Les Hibernés Le Livre Edition tirage de tête à retrouver sur

There are only thirteen hibernators in the animal world. Invertebrates, birds, mammals, lizards. Europeans, Africans, Americans, Asians. Nothing seems to link them, except this sudden urge to take a long nap while waiting for better days, and to suspend time. They roll in the sand, in the earth, in caves, cover themselves with leaves and branches to keep them warm during their long night. These are the hibernators.

Thirteen animals for Thirteen Sleeping Stories.

A 36-colour page edition, this first edition in 100 samples is numbered and signed by the author and sold at 29€ -delivery to your place included.

(c) Confais Les Hibernés couverture 2020
(c) Confais Les Hibernés couverture 2020

Publié par guillaumeconfais

Artiste, peintre, dessinateur, graveur

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